Edge Of Glory Knife Sharpener Reviews

Check out reviews and more on the As Seen On TV Edge Of Glory knife sharpener!

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ABC 7 Chicago News As Seen On TV Segment

Telebrands is celebrating its 30 year anniversary in the As Seen On TV business, the oldest company in the trade.  ABC 7 News Chicago brought Telebrands CEO AJ Khubani into the studio to ask him about how he got the business started and to test out some of his hit products on live TV.  Khubani brought in an expanding garden hose, a pancake maker, an internet television USB device, a vintage style lantern and the Edge Of Glory knife sharpener which they mention as “The World’s Best Knife Sharpener!”  Watch the As Seen On TV products in action in the video here!

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15 Best Kitchen Infomercial Products

15 Best Kitchen Infomercial Products

The Daily Meal online recently highlighted 15 of the Best Kitchen Infomercial Products, with the Edge of Glory being the one knife sharpener on the list.  The article says that knife sharpeners can be expensive and that this one can get the job done without the large price tag.  Other As Seen On TV kitchen products listed were the Pasta Boat, RoboStir and Chef Basket.  Check out the whole list on The Daily Meal website.

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Knife Sharpener Review On KHOU “Good Day Houston”

edge of glory knife sharpener review

KHOU-TV “Good Day Houston” recently did a segment on As Seen On TV products and featured the Edge Of Glory sharpener. Marketing consultant, Carmen Wisenbaker demonstrated some of the infomercial deals that she thinks really work.  Wisenbaker took an old, dull knife and tested it on a fresh tomato.  When that didn’t work, she sharpened it with the Edge Of Glory. After a few swipes, she cut the tomato clean and fast! The host of “Good Day Houston” was impressed and named this As Seen On TV sharpener a deal.  You can watch the whole segment to see more of these infomercial products tested here: www.khou.com.

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Tammilee Tips: Edge Of Glory Knife Sharpener Reviews

edge of glory knife sharpener reviews

Tammilee Tips blog recently did an Edge Of Glory Knife Sharpener review.  The blogger said she was impressed at how well the suction bottom stuck to her counter. She was also amazed at how well the As Seen On TV knife sharpener sharpened her old knives.  She says that she didn’t know just how dull her kitchen knives were until she actually sharpened them with the Edge Of Glory! You can read the whole Edge of Glory review here.

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From Crayons To Coupons – As Seen On TV Knife Sharpener Review!

From Crayons To Coupons blog tested out the As Seen On TV Edge Of Glory sharpener. The blogger said that the tv knife sharpener sharpened her knives very well.  She notes that the Edge Of Glory knife sharpener is small enough to be a perfect stocking stuffer for any man in your life! Check out the whole review of this as seen on tv knife sharpener here.

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WVEC ABC 13 News Edge Of Glory Sharpener Review

WVEC ABC 13 News reviewed the As Seen On TV Edge Of Glory Knife Sharpener.  They brought in the owner of a local catering company to test the TV kitchen knife sharpener on her knives. The tester was very impressed, and thought that it did a great job on her old dull knives. She also made it work with a credit card, just like the As Seen On TV commercials.  She loved the compact size of the knife sharpener and its suction grip.  She said she plans to purchase one for her home.  Watch the whole “Does It Work: Edge Of Glory Sharpener” review on the WVEC website here!